Wednesday, November 7, 2007

WinFlip laboratory

Unofficial versions of WinFlip here :D
Sometimes It's just for a debug. Sometimes it's just for ensure the new function. What ever.
Only modified files will be provided here. Therefore you must get latest version of WinFlip before try them.
WinFlip Ver.0.421Debug

Symptom fixed:
When you start the Paint.NET(or OutLook2007 or someting else) WinFlip crashes suddenly.
The bug report is Here.
WinFlip Ver.0.422Debug

Function added:
Minimize a window while 'flipping' by right-clicking on the window.
To restore it, Just right-click again.
This request is from Here.
Nov 14 3:30(JST)
WinFlip Ver.0.423Debug

Symptom fixed:
The taskbar filling with BLUE when a window tile is chosen and WinFlip exits the flip mode.
The bug report is Here.(Reply #13)

Function added:
Skip foremost window like normal ALT + TAB
See "Others" tab in the dialog box to set this mode enabled/disabled.
This request is from Here.

Start flipping when the tray icon is clicked(left-clicked)
This request is from Here.(Suggestion # 4)

Restore Z-Order and exit flip mode if "ESCAPE" key is pressed while flipping.
This request is from Here.(Suggestion # 7)

Flip mode will not start if desktop only have one item to put into flip mode.
I forgot where the request from :)
Dec 13 1:00(JST)
WinFlip Ver.0.424Debug

Function added:
TrueTransparency support Beta(Not completed. Title bar string is not displaied and some more bugs :P)
This request is from here Article #73 (Attention:This is Japanese BBS)
and here
May 4 15:45(JST)

Hi everyone! long time :D

WinFlip Ver.0.425Debug

Function added:
Exclusion setting
See "Others" tab in the dialog box to enable this function.
This request is from here

Symptom fixed:
WinFlip uses "low level mouse hook" from this version.
Therefore WinFlip doesn't hook mouse operations globaly anymore.
It should be effective for crash problem.
WinFlip still crashes sometimes but this version doesn't stop entire system when it crashed.(most of cases)

Other update:
TrueTransparency support updated.
May 8 01:20(JST)

WinFlip Ver.0.426Debug

TrueTransparency v.0.9.2 is supported.

Other versions are not supported.
Skin "Aero" is not supported on this debug version :p
Please try "Aero1","Aero2" or "CXP" :D

Screen shots:
Aero by Roman
Aerofenix by Koji(This skin is from here. Japanese blog)
May 13 00:10(JST)

WinFlip Ver.0.427Debug

Function Added:
Now WinFlip can Add WinFlip's shortcut to startup folder.
See "Others" tab in the dialog box to use this function.

Symptom fixed:
"Get screenshot when the new window appeard" option is added.
If your computer still have outlook conflict problem, uncheck this option.
See "Others" tab in the dialog box to change this setting.

TrueTransparency skin "Aero" is supported on this debug version.

Have a nice day :D