Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Somebody said about ClickStar2
"nice, beautiful to be seen but completely unnecessary"
Unfortunately, It's true.
Have fun :D

OS : Windows 2000/XP/Vista

ClickStar2 Ver.1.05e English
ClickStar2 Ver.1.05 Japanese/日本語(詳しい Readme 付き)

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French Version by machenzy
Visit ClickStar2 French introduction page.

German Version by Fast Edi
Download ClickStar2 German

Polish Version by Tomasz Paziewski
Download ClickStar2 Polish

Russian Version by gora
Download ClickStar2 Russian

Magic Formation

Magic Formation is a kind of Dock program.
But, It appears anywhere on desktop.
Just draw a circle by mouse cursor on desktop anywhere you like.

OS : Windows XP

Magic Formation Ver.0.981e English
Magic Formation Ver.0.98 Japanese/日本語(超詳しい Readme 付き)

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Magic Formation
요즘 내 바탕화면
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Magic Formation is a Circular Dock Launcher
Magic Formation 0.981e Baixaki

Russian Version by a-shin
[addon] MagicFormation0981eRU